it's tumblin time


woke up, checked email for replies about mopeds.

checked moped army buy/sell forum.

brushed teeth, got dressed, left for class, got there late.

thought about mopeds on the way there.

had laptop in geology.. looked at moped army forums between notes

canceled class.. looked at more mopeds

sit in history and professor says something about transportation… day dream about mopeds.

walked home. not on a moped.

more moped internet cruising until now, where upon i am going to go work on my moped.

I wish there was more moped love in my day.

I need friends with mopeds.

  1. deus-ex-musica said: mo’ peds, mo’ problems
  2. chanceofshowers said: My mom used to have a moped. you guys can bond.
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